Pikashow For PC Download Install FREE (Official) Windows

Pikashow For PC Download Install FREE (Official) Windows

App NamePikashow
Size16 MB
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Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC,

It also comprises a wide range of Hollywood and Hollywood in different languages so that users from different countries can easily use the app. The main working mechanism of Pikashow helps Windows and Macbook users to watch any content without any time and location boundary.

What is Pikashow Mod for PC

The Pikashow Mod APK or Modified version of Pikashow (For PC) contains unlocked premium features of Pikashow and available for any device or operating system for free. Although Pikashow App is paid application which requires monthly subscription, but the Pikashow Mod APK is totally free of cost and does not require any fee to access premium features.

The user can easily access the premium version that are available in the Pikashow paid application for free. All the major and premium features that will be available in Pikashow Mod APK for PC are explained below.

Features Of Pikashow



Watching movies and shows on Pikashow is favorite for different users. Therefore, many people want to spend maximum time watching their desired content. For this purpose, pausing and resuming features help them pause any video or scene according to their choice without facing any difficulty.

You can pause the show during your work, and when you get free, you can easily resume to continue enjoying the content available for multiple users. This option is also available for live cricket, but after resuming, the video will resume from the point of stopping.

You can tap or click on the video or content that you want to stop; it will pause. Similarly, you can again click on the paused video to resume.

Double click can also be used for resuming video as it depends upon whether the user is interested in resuming again. In this way, this feature helps both Windows and Macbook users to focus on the shows or content without searching again in their leisure time.

HD Quality Streaming

The prominent benefit of using Pikashow on Windows and Macbooks is its high-density streaming feature, as it provides high-quality watching content. For Mac users, the app provides a maximum of 4K quality options, which is incredible and focuses on showing content perfectly.

Similarly, Windows users can also choose a wide range of resolutions, including 720 p, 1020p, and 2160 p, to watch high-quality stream videos. It is also dependent on internet speed to show high-resolution videos. If your internet speed is high, 4K or 2160p resolution would easily show without inconvenience.

While for poor internet speed, it would be difficult to play a high range of videos; therefore, you need to check your internet connection to watch movies in high-density resolution.

Tap on the three dots available on the right side of the video. Select the resolution option among the different options available there. It would assist you in watching content in your required quality of videos perfectly.

Watching content quality increases users’ attraction level to spend maximum time watching content on the app. Therefore, choose wisely the high-density streaming options available for each video. It can implement in Bollywood and Hollywood content in multiple languages too.

Playlist Creation

Windows and MAC users can create different playlists by adding content to a single list. It works like a favorite list where different videos would add to create a desired list. You can also listen to songs from this playlist in offline mode without having an internet connection, too, due to which many people use this feature to take maximum benefit from it.

It is not available for Android users. Therefore, it is up to you how you can take benefit from this playlist option and use it to get desired results effectively.

Visit Settings of Pikashow Apk and select the playlist creation option. You can select your required content from a wide range of videos. Then, click OK to save the list. Amazingly, you can create as many playlists as you want to use them in different scenes.

If you are traveling, you can make a list of songs you want to listen to. Similarly, you can compile happy songs to enjoy in your happy and blessed moments to mesmerize your time. This feature is incredibly present for PC users to give them the handy option to use it in different feelings.

Pikashow App for Pc


Customization options attract different people to stick to a single entertainment application as it provides various options for customizing videos based on their requirements. Contrary to mobile phones, Windows and Macbook devices have plenty of customized options to use accordingly.

Such options include adjusting graphics, controls adjustment, interface optimization, enabling subtitles, and screen casting. If you do not like the current graphics of the app, then you can visit the settings and customization option to change the colors based on the graphic option effectively.

It depends on the taste of users, what type of graphics they are interested in, and how to change different colors based on their backgrounds to get according to their desire.

In the same way, an interface optimization feature is also available where you can change the user interface as per your requirement. If you are interested in the subtitles of videos, then you can also enable them from the bottom side of each video.

Some videos do not have subtitles; in that case, you can use subtitle platforms to enable it on that specific video. For this purpose, please copy the video link and paste it into the subtitle platform. It would start generating subtitles for that particular content.

Repeat this step for other forms of content, too, to read subtitles perfectly. These customization options help users to use the app according to their desire.

External Player Support

Various people do not like the dependency of Pikashow content on a specific player as it has default speakers and controllers. To avoid users’ dependency, Pikashow APK supports external players based on the device of users that would help in choosing the volume, screen brightness, and video quality and adjusting controls accordingly.

For MAC, external players include the MAX player and LD player, while for Windows, these players consist of MP3, MP4, and VLC players. These external players depend more on the type of devices the users have. For Windows 7 and 8, MP4 does not provide all options perfectly, whereas it runs smoothly on Windows 11 by providing various control and adjustment options.

Play any content and click on the three dots at the right side of the video to choose your desired external player. Select from different ranges for your device.

The amazing thing is that you can play two or more two external players simultaneously if you are interested in it because Pikashow provides greater ease to its users regardless of any device. Focus on watching your favorite show on the app by using any external player and make your time memorable.

Different Genres

Having the content of different genres is the main attractive point of Pikashow Apk for Windows and Macbook users, as they can watch any content of their choice. It comprises action, sports, drama, romantic, documentary, and many others depending on the taste of its users.

Multiple categories enable people to stick to this app for a longer period as each type of content is available, and it depends on you want the type of content you want to watch.

If you have any idea of content categories, then you can search for recommendations by entering your choice. It would help you to select your desired content due to an effective search algorithm. This algorithm is very smart that understands the behavior of users and then shows content accordingly without facing any serious issues.

Children can also watch their shows easily as it also entertains kids. People of each age group can spend their leisure time to keep their minds more relaxed. Search documentaries, action movies, or any other in the search section of the app; then it will show you various recommendations. You can also search the video by its name for a particular result.

Multiple Language

Windows and Macbook users can also watch content in different languages without difficulty. This feature is for all devices to entertain users to watch their required videos perfectly. If you do not want to watch English and Hindi content and belong to other International countries, then this option is perfect for you.

Its default language is English, but you can change it as required. Different international languages comprise Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, and Spanish. While on the other hand, local Indian languages are also available, comprising Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. These languages are implemented on any type of video, regardless of Hollywood or Bollywood content.

Visit the Settings option of Pikashow APK and select the language. It would show you international and local language options. Now, it is up to you to select any language of your choice. If you are watching the video and want to change the language, it can be done by tapping on the three dots on the right side of the video. Select your desired language and enjoy your favorite content perfectly.

Downloading Option

Enjoy the One-Click Downloading Option for your favorite content on Windows and Macbook devices. Pikashow has a built-in download manager that helps download various content, including cricket, web series, movies, and shows. It is quite impossible to download live streaming.

Instead, you can want them online. Access different videos by applying the on-demand download option inside the app that would assist in downloading any content, depending on your choice. Its download manager is an extremely incredible option that everyone wants to get access to their required content. You can also use it to get access in your leisure time smoothly.

Select the video you want to download and click the download button. The content would get downloaded to your device. The amazing thing is that you do not need to pay charges for downloading the feature because it is available for free. Some people face difficulty downloading; it shows some error whenever they download.

It can be due to a poor internet connection or low space on your device. Check your internet connection; if still your issue is not resolved, then check the device’s free space, and then you will be good to go.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the prominent feature that distinguishes Pikashow Apk from other entertainment applications. You can effectively livestream any show, movie, or cricket from your Windows or Macbook. For this purpose, you need to search for your desired content to start live streaming from your device.

Some people think PC does not allow live streaming using any app, but they are wrong; you can easily stream any of your favorite shows from Windows 7,8,10, and 11. Even Macbook also allows this feature to entertain different users.

It would help if you had a stable or good internet connection so that there could not get disturbance while streaming your video. If your internet connection is unstable, you will waste your time; therefore, ensure good internet to avail of this interesting feature.

Visit the home screen of Pikashow and click on the stream option. It would give various options for which category you want to stream your content. In this way, you can avail this option without facing any difficulty. You do not need to buy or rent various forms of content from Pikashow that would perfectly assist you in live streaming your content.

Dark Mode

Different entertainment and social apps are now available in dark mode, depending on users’ requirements. Pikashow Apk also enables this option for PC users, where you can easily select the dark mode that would turn the overall app into dark or black color. It gives a soothing effect to the mind, making it easier to spend maximum time while watching your desired content.

Visit Settings of Pikashow Apk, and in the Appearance section, turn on dark mode. If you are uncomfortable with dark mode, you can disable it from appearance to switch to light mode again. These light and dark modes have a greater impact on the visuals of videos because some users want dark mode, while some are not in favor of this and they want light mode.

Premium Visual & Sound Effects

Visual and sound effects are the most important feature of Pikashow that enable users to adjust sound and visual systems perfectly. It provides adjustable stereos for Windows and Mac, where users can adjust the sound of any content.

It varies from low to high sound pitch depending on the requirements of people. External sound players are also supported, including PCM, MP3, Vorbis, Opus and WAVE, which would assist in playing video at the required sound frequency.

You do not need to select this sound option every time because it requires only a one-time adjustment. The Customizing sound would increase the excitement level of users.

Play and Pause feature in Pikashow PC App

In the same way, you can also customize and choose the sound effects of your videos by using an external video player. It is not dependent on a particular type of video. Instead, it applies to all sorts of content for all categories.

You can select an external sound player from the settings of Pikashow. You can also select a sound player during the video by clicking the three dots on the right. Use the swipe option for increasing or decreasing the volume of sound.

You can apply the same process for visual effects. Therefore, these premium visual and sound effects have a greater tendency for users to use in their content.

How to Download/Install on PC Window

Step 1: Click Download Pikashow APK for PC
Step 2: Open your downloaded file.
Step 3: Click on “Run” Text on Icon
Step 4: Installation Done
Step 5: Click on Pikashow Icon on Your Desktop Home Screen & Enjoy

How to Download and Install on PC with BlueStacks Emulator

To download and install Pikashow Apk on your PC, you need to download an emulator first, which would help in the easy installation of the app.

This is also one of safest and easiest methods to install the Pikaow Mod APK on PC with unlimited genres and unlocked premium features.

  • Step 1: Visit https://www.bluestacks.com/. 
  • Step 2: Download BlueStacks Emulator on your Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11.
  • Step 3: Complete Installation.
  • Step 4: Create a new account on the emulator.
  • Step 5: Download Pikashow APK from our website.
  • Step 6: Navigate to your download directory.
  • Step 7: Locate and Open Pikashow APK.
  • Step 8: Emulator will give access to Pikashow APK.
  • Step 9: Install the APK file on your desktop.
  • Step 10: Open Pikashow APK from the home screen of the emulator.

How To Download & Install on Macbook

 Transfer Checkra1n into the application section.

Connect the device to Mac through the data cable.

Open the Application Folder of MAC.

Locate Checkra1n > Contents> MacOS > Checkra1n Terminal File.

Tap the Start icon, and Checkra1n will give the command to enter DFU mode.

 Click Next Option.

Tap the Start button, and you will enter DFU Mode.

Wait for a Few Minutes.

Complete jailbreaking and enjoy your interesting videos.

System Requirements Pikashow

Android system 4.0 and up
RAM  Minimum 3GB RAM and Above
Processor Octa-core with minimum 2 GHz speed
Required Space 12 MB


  • A wide range of expensive content libraries.
  • Dark Mode
  • Multiple Language


  • You can not use this offline.
  • You need a stable internet connection to watch HD content.

Yes, Pikashow perfectly works on Macbook, Windows, Android, and iPhone and is designed to facilitate people having different devices.

Yes, Pikashow is designed to facilitate the users of Windows and Macbooks. It is perfectly safe to use on any device.

You must check issues or errors for not installing the app on your device. The issue can be of the previous version; therefore, download and install an updated version of the apk file to smoothly enjoy the content.

Pikashow APK is completely free and does not require paying any charges. You can free download the file from our website, where download and installation steps are detailed for different people.

Final Words

In conclusion, TeaTV Apk is one of the best applications on the internet. The popularity of this application is free to use, HD content, and endless content. You can easily download it from this website. After this, you can watch any movie, TV show, web series, and more for free. It also supports multiple languages; choose the language you can easily understand. Overall, you will enjoy it in your free time. Share this application with your friends and siblings if you like.