Pikashow APK Download V83 Latest For Android/iPhone 2023

Pikashow for Mobile Android/iPhone is an online streaming application designed for Android and iPhone devices. It is among the top ten most downloaded entertainment applications on Google Play Store that provide the best streaming services to its users.

Pikashow APK

Watching live cricket, TV channels, shows, and web stories made Pikashow more attractive to Android and iPhone users. A huge collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies and content available in multiple languages, including Korean, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, and much more, increases the excitement level of movie enthusiasts.

Android and iPhone users can now watch their desired content on the Pikashow APK without paying any charges.

How to Download Pikashow APK

Step by Step guide on how to download Pikashow APK on android is mentioned below. Follow these simple steps and get downloading completed within few seconds.

Tap the Download Button

Wait for a few seconds.

File Download is Completed.

How To Install PikaShow APK

The easy method of installing Pikashow APK on you android/smartphone is mentioned below. Follow the steps and install Pikashow application easily on your mobile.

Tap on Downloaded File.

Go to Settings on your phone.

Tap Security Option.

Enable Unknown Sources to allow the app.

Navigate to File Manager.

 Open the Download Folder.

Track and Launch the Pikashow file.

Give admin permissions.

Give Access to Library.

Give Access to Location.

Installation Done.

A small icon will appear on your home screen; you can tap on the icon and start using Pikashow APK on an Android device perfectly.

Install Pikashow on iPhone

Pikashow APK downloading and installation on iPhone differs from downloading on Android devices because it does not need to root the software or tool.

Tap on iPhone Download Button.

Tap on Downloaded File.

Start the Installation Process.

Allow by giving necessary permissions.

Open the application.

Verify by OTP Method.

Installation Completed.

Download Pikashow APK


There are too many untapped and stunning features of Pikashow that you might need to know. We have compiled list of amazing and attractive features of Pikashow for mobile Android and iPhone user.

Chromecast Option

A high-tech and value-added Chromecast option is available in the latest Pikashow mobile APK that helps cast iPhone and Android screens on the smart TV while changing multiple configuration forms. It is effectively designed for Android and iPhone users to assist in watching their favorite movies, cricket, and shows on a larger screen.

pikashow chromecast

Some users do not feel comfortable watching shows on mobile devices. Therefore, this Chromecast option is designed for them to watch on the TV screen.

You need to select the Chromecast option on your device as the app provides a one-link option for users to assist users of multiple categories. It will perfectly help you watch cricket and movies on a large screen.

One-Click Downloading

One-click downloading of different forms of content is easily available on Android and iPhone devices, where you can access your desired show or content. Built-in download manager assists users in downloading their favorite movies, shows, cricket, and web stories on their devices perfectly.

The most important point is that you cannot download live streams of dramas and shows; instead, you can access such content with the help of the on-demand application option.

downloading in pikashow app

Pikashow download manager is quite simple for the user, where you need to select any content inside the app and click on the download button, shown right below the content.

In this way, the content would be downloaded to your devices without paying any charges. Download your desired movie or show without worry on your Android device, as everything is easily available.

Built-in Video Player

A highly advanced built-in video player helps users to play any type of video easily. Firstly, you must choose a video player like MX Player, MP4, MP3, SWF, FLV, and F4V. After choosing your desired video player, videos will play in that player on your device.

These players are easily supported by Android and iPhone devices, where users can play players according to their choice without any difficulty. You can select the player which is already available for your device to use it effectively without any interruption.

Pikashow Anti Ban

This option will appear when you play any video, and you can choose players easily. You can even download the video in the required player while selecting the desired option because it would play and download videos in that player.

The interesting thing is that you can easily play two or more two video players at a time, but while downloading the video, you have to choose one specific video player.

Adjustable Stereos

Pikashow for Android and iPhone also provides adjustable stereos to their users because it has an in-built sound system that depends on users choosing the required sound for videos. Supporting external sound players like Vorbis, MP3, WAVE, Opus, and PCM allows users to play videos in their favorite sound player effectively and easily.

You can also customize the sound option, which is a one-time setting. Once you customize the sound, it will implement on all types of videos or content of the app regardless of any category.

You can use the swipe option to increase or decrease the volume of the sound of videos. Similarly, you can change the audio player by clicking on the three dots at each player’s top corner. Different video players have different sound frequencies and pitches; therefore, choose an audio option or volume of video player wisely while watching any video on your mobile device perfectly.

Video Resulation

Customizable video quality is the most prominent feature of Pikashow for mobile Android/ iPhone devices, where users can easily customize the quality of videos according to their preferences. There is a large range of video quality options differing from HD to 240p, where you have to choose the required quality effectively.

It also depends on your internet speed because good internet speed usually supports HD-quality videos that are more attractive to users than poor internet speed. The minimum video quality is 240p while its maximum point is 4K, different points exist between them; therefore, choose the required density and quality of videos in Pikashow.

Click on the three dots at the right side of each video, and you need to adjust video quality by selecting any option based on the high-density definition of the videos. This option applies to different videos of all categories, where users have a free hand to choose the quality. Different video players also possess this customizable video quality, therefore, choose wisely your desired option and enjoy your videos.


Pikashow APK is well-categorized, where all forms of content are divided into different categories, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and Live TV. Even content is categorized into live cricket, sports, web series, and other types of videos that users can easily watch according to their choice.

Channel categories, including Star Sports, Sony, Zee TV, and many others, are also available. It is up to players which channel they want to watch and the type of show they are interested in; in this way, they can play the content on their Android and iPhone devices effectively.

Genre in Pikashow

These categories make Pikashow unique from other entertainment apps because it provides minute details of multiple categories to make it easy for users.

Go to the main menu of the app and select a category of your choice. Each category comprises related content that you can enjoy.


Favorite list of Pikashow APK for Android and iPhone devices helps users to make a list of their desired and favorite content. It is the most used feature of Pikashow Apk, where users make different lists of their choices by adding multiple videos. You can make different lists in a favorite list by naming them happy, sad, romantic, or any other according to your choice.

You can play the list designed especially for happy moments whenever you are happy. In this way, playing different songs or videos is unnecessary. Instead, lists help a lot to play multiple contents simultaneously regardless of wasting time playing them separately.

Select the favorite list option from the menu and add different shows, songs, or movies by naming them in a separate category. Add your favorite content and save it for use later that would save you time.

For multiple lists, you can again make a list and name it separately, different from the existing one. In this way, different lists would help you avoid any difficulty in the future and save all lists by different names.


Watching content and videos in different languages is now possible with the help of the multi-language feature of Pikashow APK. It is now available for Android and iPhone devices, where users can easily select their required language perfectly.

It supports different International languages along with the Indian language, and it is up to users which type of language they want to listen to. The default language is English, but users can change it depending on the type of content they are watching.

Multi Language in Pikashow

International languages include French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and many more, while local Indian languages include Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Telugu.

Go to Settings of Pikashow APK and choose the language option. Here, you can select your desired language, whereas while watching videos, you can also change the language by clicking on the three dots on the right side. Choose the required language and enjoy the content.


Pikashow APK is anti-ban and fully secured, allowing users to use the app easily. It is safe to use where you can watch any content, and no one will know what type of videos you watch. Pikashow APK for Android and iPhone devices is also completely secured by providing desired information to users. You can easily watch videos due to the huge privacy.

Pikashow Anti Ban


The presence of supported subtitles in every content is the most interesting feature for users interested in reading subtitles instead of watching the whole video. Some people are not interested in listening to voice, instead, their main concern is to read the subtitles, therefore, this feature is amazing for these types of users.

Whether watching a documentary or listening to a song, subtitles would appear at the bottom of the screen. In the latest version of Pikashow APK, subtitles are not given automatically at the bottom. Instead, click the subtitle option to enable this amazing option. Go to Settings of APK and enable subtitles to help you read them while watching your desired content.

Pikashow APK for Android and iPhone provides more than ten subtitle platforms that assist in providing subtitles for those videos that do not have automated subtitles. In case, if still subtitle of a video is not shown, you can search for it from the given portal of the Apk and paste the link into the subtitle section. In this way, you can easily read each video’s subtitle without inconvenience.


Many people are interested to watch live TV on their Android or iPhone devices, therefore, this option enables them to fulfill their desire. It includes watching live shows, sports, or videos according to the preferences of different users. You can also connect your device to a big screen with the help of the Chromecast option, where it would be easier to watch content there.

Watch Live TV on Pikashow online

Click on Live TV from the main menu, it would show you different types of content live where everything is provided to users. Its main benefit is that you do not need to have television because Pikashow provides content without turning on the real TV. Enjoying different content on your devices is soothing for you as it does not require a separate device.


While using Pikashow APK on your Android and iPhone devices, there are multiple advantages for users due to which they can effectively use the app:

Easy Installation

Pikashow APK is easy to set up and configure as there is no complex or difficult way to download and install the file. Within two to three minutes, you can set up and configure the file to your device, due to which many people easily use Pikashow on their devices without the assistance of anyone. All steps related to downloading and installation are given readily, so you can effectively configure the file.


Modern versions of Pikashow Apk support the latest Android and iPhone devices because they are highly compatible. It smoothly runs on the latest iPhone models like iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Smart TV, and Apple OTT Watch, where each feature is effectively accessible for different users based on their requirements.

No Rooting for iPhone devices

While downloading and installing Pikashow Apk on iPhone devices, rooting or jailbreaking does not exist. Instead, it works perfectly on devices without any sort of inconvenience.

This way, it does not break the official warranty of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. While on the other hand, rooting or jailbreaking is present in Android devices, but it does not harm the device; therefore, you can easily download and install the file on your Android without worry.

Full Privacy

Complete privacy is an amazing benefit of Pikashow APK as it does not harm the privacy of users of Android and iPhone devices.

You do not need to tense about your important or private content on your device because everything is safe, secure, and free from privacy issues. While installing the file to your device, you have to give access to permissions related to the library, but there is no harm in it because everything is of full privacy.

User Friendly

The last and foremost benefit of Pikashow APK is that it is user-friendly and has a clean UI/UX design that would help everyone watch content on their devices. Each option, including changing brightness, changing speed, and adjusting video quality, is given simply that can be used by anyone, as there does not exist complex options.

No Ads

Some people face issues due to annoying ads while watching their desired content. Therefore, Pikashow Apk for Android and iPhone users is free from ads as it does not show disturbing advertisements to users. Similarly, it does not contain pop-up ads, making it easier for users to spend maximum time watching content.

Other entertainment apps are very disturbing due to the presence of numerous ads, therefore, this ads-free benefit attracts multiple players to use the app and make their time interesting.

Pikashow Common Errors

Even though Pikashow APk is a high-tech entertainment app used to watch amazing content in videos of different categories. Sometimes, users face different issues and errors due to which they cannot use it. Some errors are listed below with possible solutions that would help in fixing minor bugs within a few minutes:

Older Version

The older version of Pikashow creates issues for Android and iPhone users to face difficulty running the Apk. For this purpose, uninstall the older version and install the latest version to avoid any difficulty. Install the modern version from our website to avoid any inconvenience.

Log-in Issues

Some users face log-in issues, which can be resolved using the same Gmail account for the Pikashow Premium account you entered while creating an account. The most important point is that you do not need to share log-ins with anyone because it can create issues at the end for real users.

Unable to Connect to the Server

During live streaming, this issue arises regarding the difficulty in connecting to the server. It can effectively be resolved while refreshing the application. Still, if you are facing this issue, there can be minor bugs in your application; for this purpose, uninstall the Apk and re-install it to avoid issues with connecting with the server.

Poor connection

Many users face poor connection to applications where video speed is very poor. It can occur because of a weak internet connection; therefore, ensure you have strong internet. Resetting the internet connection would result in playing the content of Pikashow Apk on your Android and iPhone devices.

Yes, you can easily run the Pikashow APK on your Android and iPhone devices, as it provides amazing features for both devices.

You can easily find your desired movie by writing its name on the search bar. Different results would appear after typing the movie name, and you can watch the movie.

Yes, the Pikshow APK is safe for Android and iPhone users as they have no difficulty using this streaming app.

Multiple types of movies and web stories can effectively stream in the Pikashow APK, including romance, action, horror, thriller, drama, and documentaries. Apart from web stories, you can also live stream cricket and TV shows using Android and iPhone.


Pikashow for Mobile Android/ iPhone perfectly assisted users in watching interesting and amazing content on their devices. Subtitles, one-click downloading, Chromecast option, categorization, built-in video player, multi-language, favorite list, and adjustable stereos help you to use these features for watching your required videos on your Android and iPhone devices.

All of these features are available in these devices to provide complete ease to users by choosing the required content. It is a complete source of entertainment for different users because many people use it in their leisure time or whenever they get bored.

The multi-language option lets you choose your favorite language because some users want to watch content in their desired language. Therefore, Android and iPhone users can easily use Pikashow by enjoying different features perfectly.

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