How To Fila A Complain on Pikashow? – Step by Step

Pikashow is a vast streaming application that offers its users with a range of Movies, TV Shows, and seasons. Knowingly, Pikashow has introduced tools like video and audio players to enhance the audacity and visually of screens. Therefore, the latest version of Pikashow –  v10.6.7 with 13 MB space with a device requirement of running version 5.0 is just incredible 


Sometimes, users give a complaint of slow server, but they usually do not know where to complain. If you find any problem in running the app, you can contact through different ways like connecting to customer support, messages, email, etc.

Through Chat Category

Pikashow app also has a chat button to contact the customer support. 

  • Open the Pikashow application
  • Then, open the menu
  • You can see the right corner of the screen, there will be an icon. 
  • Click on that customer support icon
  • Select the category and explain the issues

Through E-mail

Whether it is a server issue, or connectivity, you can directly send a mail to the E-mail ID of Pikashow ( It will be more feasible. Whatever problem you are facing, describe it in mail and send it to official E-mail. After that, you will get the response and further you can inform the details.

Real-time Message Support

The direct and the most preferable method of sending a complaint to Pikashow app – the real-time message support. If you do not want to wait or want any delay in watching your favourite films, it is the best way. 

In this service, you will contact a customer support person directly and describe the issues to him/her instantaneously. The customer service representative will check the issue at the same spot and make the corrections. Also, the representative will remain in contact until you get satisfied with the service. 

Comments Section

There is a comment section on the official website of Pikashow app where you can write about the errors you are facing. The service representatives check the comments sections and resolve the issued of users. 


Moreover, they can also contact you through your user ID to know more about the issues. They will come up the related solutions and get you fixed all of them. 

The main office is located in New York.

No, Pikashow app is completely free of cost. Most interestingly, not only you can watch a film, also you can download the film, episodes of different seasons, and TV shows in your devices. National and international, all the programs are available on the single platform, costless. You just need to download, launch and enjoy your favourite shows.

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