Download Pikashow APK for iPhone 15 Pro Max – Updated

Pikashow APK for iPhone 15 Pro Max is also now available on the official website PikashowPC.Com after the launch of iPhone 15 Pro Max worldwide. After the launch of iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile by Apple, the developers of Pikashow have launched latest version of Pikashow specially for iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Pikashow APK for iPhone

New in Pikashow

There is nothing new added in the latest version of Pikashow, but just the interface is changed. There are minor changes happened in the Pikashow application specially for the iPhone 15 pro max. Which types of changes the developers have made in the Pikashow APK for iPhone 15 model are mentioned below.


The design and interface is a little different because of the speeding system available in the new iPhone’s mobile. The old version of Pikashow had more tapping features, but complicated navigation is now easier just because of the more hertz that are added in the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Although, there is slight changing in the interface, but it is more easier and less time consuming.

Screen Size

The screen size of latest version or model of iPhone is larger than the previous version and that’s why the developing team of Pikashow made changes accordingly. The responsiveness is increase and resolution is also settled as per the requirement.

Sound Quality

No doubt, every new iPhone is far better and enhanced than it’s own previous one. This model (iPhone 15 Pro Max) acquires better sound quality and speakers. That’s the reason Pikashow APK for iphone meet the standards on the behalf of eco system and sound quality.


Every operating system and every upcoming device acquires different parameters and that’s why the eventually updating apps are important. That’s why the pikashow apk for iphone 15 pro max is available on the internet and any you can easily download the latest version by tapping the download button available above.

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